Zilinski Maple Syrup
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There is only one place to get quality maple syrup

Zilinski Maple Syrup


What we do:

Zilinski Maple Syrup has been providing exceptional maple products for reasonable prices since 1983. The maple syrup comes straight from the tree and is crafted into the final product delivered to your doorstep.



Zilinski Maple Syrup
20 E. Prospect St.
Erving, MA 01344

Learn about our products

Maple Syrup

Since 1983, our family has been making maple syrup in Franklin County. We are proud to share our product with people all over the world.  


Maple Candy

Since 2014, we started producing high quality maple candy in many different sizes and quantities.


other Maple Confections

After we started producing maple candy, we started producing other maple confections for people to enjoy.